Fuse Boards / Consumer Boards

At the heart of your domestic electrics sits your fuse board (or consumer unit), which is located between your electricity meter and the electrical circuits.

New domestic consumer units have numerous benefits when compared to the older models.

Modern domestic fuse boards would prevent a total loss of power to an entire property if there were to be an electrical fault. By only cutting power to the effected circuit your new consumer board would confine the loss of power to one area of your property.  Thus limiting the disruption caused.

Older consumer boards are lacking in more recent safety advances. As many people in the UK have extended their homes in recent years as cost effective method of improving their home, extra strain is now being put upon the existing domestic fuse box to power the entire property.

Fuse board upgrades provide the additional energy required in order to power extensions and loft conversions.  They also dramatically reduce the risk of receiving an electric shock, which some older units pose the risk of when overloaded.

In the event of a fault, earthing would prevent an electric shock by disconnecting the electrical supply.  Earthing ensures that a fault current is directed from an exposed wire to the fuse box, automatically disconnecting the electrics.  GTS carefully check all earthing and bonding on installations or a domestic fuse board.

At GTS we only work with the most advanced models, as NICEIC registered electrical specialists we install 17th edition consumer boards, at this time we will also issue you with a test certificate and register your installation with building control.

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