Lighting design and control

GTS provides a home lighting design service which allows you the customer to design and control the lighting of your home.

Lighting can determine the entire look and feel of any environment.  Within your home you may want to use different lighting settings at varying times.  Study areas and kitchen worktops would benefit from effective task lighting, whilst the living areas are more suited to a relaxing lighting.  Well thought out lighting design can improve the look and feel of your home.

Lighting design software allows you to store lighting presets which can be recalled for many different scenarios:  entertaining, reading, watching TV.

Lighting control is completely dependent upon efficient and effective lighting design.  A computer and some sophisticated wiring can allow any home the ability to control any number of lights within your home.  The computer acts as a control panel for your lighting, when coupled with light sensors and LED light fittings, it creates a modern and efficient system and maximum control.  Your control panel can also be connected to electronic blinds, a home AV or security system, creating an entire system that is fully controllable from one unit.

Not only does client focussed lighting design and control provides customers with a personalised lighting system, transforming the feel of your home, it also holds practical benefits.  Attention to detail in the planning stage of your lighting design will allow for the inclusion of well thought out techniques that make your life easier and safer.

*A master switch near to your front door would allow lighting control over the whole property to make it easier to switch all of the lights off when leaving the house.

*A night mode setting would allow all domestic lights to be turned off after you have gone to bed.  Lighting control also allows you to automatically turn on a low level lighting pathway, to help young children or elderly family members to find their way to the bathroom during the night.

On top of all this GTS lighting designs and controls takes into account energy saving methods.  This allows you to save both energy and money from your electricity bill. Movement sensors can determine when lights are needed and turn them off when they are no longer in use; this is useful for living room and bathrooms.  Dimmer controls are another good method of saving energy and prolonging the lamp life.

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